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To the horizon and beyond! That's where your child's imagination will take them as they explore the big unknown with Buzz Lightyear, everyone's favourite superhero! Buzz Lightyear takes a vacation from the space race to bring all-around cuddly fun on imaginary journeys to infinity and beyond, with arms that twist at the shoulder! With the Toy Story 4 Talking Buzz Lightyear, you can bring the adventures of Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4 home! To hear amusing movie phrases, press Buzz's belly! Buzz is 13 inches tall and outfitted in his trademark Space Ranger outfit. Buzz is constructed of incredibly soft fabrics and has premium embroidered details. He's the ideal size for cuddling and playtime! To activate the sound effects, press your belly button, and it will Say funny lines from the movie! Soft and fuzzy textiles are used. Talking Plush Buzz Lightyear is Perfect for cuddling and playing! Recommended for Ages 3+.
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