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This wonderful train set will give your kids hours of fun as they work with you to build it and then see Thomas the train fly in the air in his most breathtaking stunt yet! The clear instructions make assembly of the Track Masters system very easy. The No. 1 blue motorized engine named Thomas starts off by whizzing forth on the track, under the bridge and up the spiral track. With a little help from Harold the helicopter, Thomas reaches the top of a huge ramp and then speeds down it to be launched right into the air by the velocity! Kids will be fascinated by the way the little engine flies through the air soaring for over two feet and still landing safely on the other side to continue his captivating journey. Attractive accessories such as a barrel drop, flags and other pieces make a great-looking set-up. Suitable for kids ages 3 years and up, it is the perfect gift for Thomas & Friends fans.