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Suitable for train-loving toddlers aged 12 months and up, Thomas and friends - Destination Discovery will take the little ones on an exciting educational journey on the Island of Sodor. When toddlers roll the engine Percy over the track, he sets off the nine activation points located at different places on the track which make him deliver sounds, songs and phrases that teach letters, numbers, colours and directions in a fascinating way. This interactive train set will help develop your toddler's thinking skills, motor skills and trigger his imagination with a fun-filled learning experience. The destination-themed content, cheerful songs with sayings and helpful phrases will encourage children to count, learn directions, find specific colours, and understand a variety of letters and their sounds. This will be the first train journey that your child may have that will not only foster curiosity but also help your toddler understand cause and effect by building with you a moving, talking and singing world of play!