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Learn how hackers use viruses to enter a system and how system engineers fix it. In this exciting game Hacker, you get to play the role of a coder, hacker and system engineer. There are 40 challenges from beginner to expert level. In each challenge, there are 3 phases. You need to pass the first phase to move on to the second and third. The first phase is called Code It, where you have to create a program on how agents can pick up data files and reach the exit. Get the challenge booklet to see the initial placements of the data, agents, viruses and the exits. You can also find hard-wired codes in there that you need to consider when coding your program. Moves are not limited to up, down, left and right. There are also rotating movements, and that's what makes this game more fun and challenging. The second phase is Hack It where you need to inject a virus into the original program. Instead of the exit, the agent should reach the virus. The third phase is Fix It where you need to place an alarm to prevent the agent from going towards the virus. Check the solution booklet to verify if your codes are correct. Inclusions are a game grid, control panel, challenge booklet, solution booklet, 12 tokens, 27 game tiles, 6 token stands and instruction manual. This game is recommended for young system engineers aged 10+ and can be played alone or with friends. Complete all 40 challenges and be ready to beat cybercriminals.
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