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Fly the Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming IR UFO Ball Helicopter in the air with ease. The Heli Ball automatically veers away from close objects and hovers over your hand for hours of amusement, thanks to Advanced Infrared Hover Sensor technology. It also has a superhero design, which is ideal for comic book aficionados. A USB charger and two spare rotors are included. Precision movements are possible with coaxial rotors. The copter's advanced infrared hover sensor identifies surrounding objects and glides away from them. For worry-free flight, strong yet lightweight materials were used. Superhero design gives off a great comic book vibe. 2 spare rotors and a USB battery charger are included. Your hand hovers in the air. Almost any IR remote can be used to turn it off. Spider-Man IR UFO Ball Helicopter is a battery-operated toy. The box includes 2 spare rotors USB battery charger World Tech Toys Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming IR UFO Ball Helicopter.
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  • 16.00cm x 7.00cm x 16.00cm
  • 813023012086

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