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Time to boost your engineering skills by recreating Rusty's Blaster Tank! Don't worry if you've just started studying how to build machines. This set recommended for Rusty Rivets fans aged 3+ and specially made with easy assembly design. It includes 22 sturdy components and instruction manual needed to design and build this awesome machine. A Rusty figure is also included in the set to operate the blaster tank. The tank's treads are not only for smooth movement over Sparkton Hills' rough roads. It can also lift the vehicle off the ground. Wow! Is there anything cooler than that? Well, there is one. This tank blaster, supported by a transparent chassis where you can see the gears working. And when you don't need the blaster, you can always modify the tank and turn it into Rusty's car. Other Rusty Rivets sets are also available here on our website. Collect them all to build all of Rusty's creation. And don't forget the catchphrase. Modify, customize, Rustify!
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