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Perfect for kids from age 8 years and upward, the Rose Art Stringtacular Craft Assorted is a creativity-boosting craft set that lets little ones make awesome 3D string creations. Each assorted craft set contains a string, a pen tool, 6 design sheets, a pegboard, and pegs. From there, you can make fantastic 3D creations like 3D hearts, butterflies, flowers, peace signs, and dogs. The Rose Art Stringtacular Craft Assorted set contains designs for different skill levels so no need to worry if your kid is a beginner crafter. This craft set is all about kids having an awesome time as they play with the strings. A 3D string is an in-thing these days because it is enjoyable to create with. Kids and even adults can have their personal gallery of their finished string sculptures. Their sculptures can also be displayed individually as room décor. There is no need for a display board.
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