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Dive into the thrill of the RoboAlive Shark Attack!

This dynamic toy replicates the movements of a real-life Great White Shark, making it an irresistible prankster's choice. Its articulated movement brings the shark to life, perfect for surprising friends and family.

Watch its eyes light up with a menacing red glow when submerged, enhancing the suspenseful experience. Thanks to Zuru's innovative water-activated technology, the RoboAlive Great White Shark springs into action as soon as it hits the water, delivering a truly immersive aquatic adventure.

Get ready to be amazed as your friends and family are spellbound by the lifelike motions of this underwater predator. With the RoboAlive Shark Attack, be prepared to dive into unforgettable moments brimming with thrill and astonishment!

Suitable for ages 3 and older.

  • 0.50kg
Carton Dimensions:
  • 40.00cm x 16.00cm x 18.00cm

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