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RISK Shadow Forces promises an immersive gaming experience where players shape the destiny of a world caught in the grip of power and intrigue.

Through writing on the game board, affixing stickers, and discarding components, players leave a lasting impact on the game's evolving narrative, influencing its history, cities, factions, and conflicts.

With four sealed envelopes and one sealed container holding secrets to be revealed during the campaign, players uncover hidden depths as they progress. As powerful warlords, players lead factions and undertake covert missions, directly influencing the world map in unpredictable ways.

Featuring six detailed warlord miniature figures and tactical cards, the game offers both global world map games and covert skirmishes, totalling 15 missions.

Each session, whether spanning over 60 minutes or condensed into 30-minute skirmishes, presents new challenges and opportunities for strategic mastery.

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