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Make rainbow slime at home using Makeup Surprise! You may modify and transform your slime several times with the rainbow cosmetics and sparkles provided! Make a white D.I.Y. slime, then add colour to it with makeup (lipstick or lip gloss). Scent your slime with scented pearls for a unique scent. A new collectible lipstick character is included. On yourself and your slime, use the supplied lipstick and lip gloss! Remove the cap from the lip gloss and squeeze it gently to apply to your lips. Remove the protective wrapping from the lipstick case and discard it. Swipe across your lips to apply. Then, to blend, rub your lips together. On your lips, the lipstick colour will change! Over time, the slime will dry out. Take care that you Clean the lipstick storage container before starting a new slime to prevent it from drying out too quickly.
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