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The Nerf Raptorstrike is a blaster featuring bolt-action blasting, manufactured by Hasbro and is a part of the Nerf Accustrike series. The blaster is orange in colour, and it uses the Accustrike elite darts, which are also orange in colour. The box includes one Raptorstrike blaster, 2 six-dart clips, and 18 darts. Load one dart clip at a time when you start aiming. The Accustrike series is designed for high accuracy in the darts and the blasters. So this blaster performs very well when it comes to precision. You also get an extendable bipod for the blaster along with pop-up sight, which further enhances your ability to shoot the darts with more accuracy. The blaster is made of plastic while the darts are made of foam, and they have a plastic head. While you can use the blaster while you are on the move, you can also use the extendable bipod to place the blaster on a stable surface and stabilize your shots. The assembled blaster is approximately 96cm wide. This item is recommended for children over 8 years old.
  • 1.40kg
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  • 36.00cm x 97.00cm x 8.00cm
  • 0630509540365

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