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Offering a lot of action to children, this fantastic toy set that is recommended for ages 5 years and above will bring exciting and memorable play hours to your child. Each set includes a blaster, 4 foam cars, double ramp, double reactive target, 8 obstacles, and instructions. Your kid can set up different cool stunts with this fantastic toy set which doesn't require batteries. The blaster has two barrels which allow kids to fire two cars at the same time. The four vehicles are designed for distance and speed and painted with bold and bright colours. This blaster set can also be combined with different Nerf Nitro toy sets for more incredible car-firing fun and bigger stunts. Aside from the entertaining action, there are educational benefits that can be gained from playing with this toy set. For one, it can develop your child's fine motor skills. It can improve hand-eye coordination as well as agility as he or she picks up, carries, throws, and pushes and pulls the blaster, cars, and other parts of this set. Another benefit is it can build cognition, such as more understanding of cause and effect.
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