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The Mega Megalodon by Nerf is a powerful toy blaster which quickly builds up your reputation at Nerf battles. With this big blaster, you can fire 20 darts in a row. In the box, you will find a blaster, a drum, 20 darts, and instructions to use the blaster. The rotating drum holds 20 darts at one time, giving you adequate firepower when you are playing with friends or aiming at a target. To shoot one dart at a time, you must crank the handle back and forth and pull the trigger. Alternatively, if you want to shoot the darts continuously in slam-fire action, then crank the handle and hold down the trigger. The darts included in this pack are the Nerf Mega Whistler darts that make a whistling sound as they whizz through the air. These darts are made of durable foam and flexible hollow tips. They are red with orange tips. The blaster is made of plastic, and it is red, orange, and grey. It measures approximately 62cm x 32cm and is recommended for children over 8 years old.
  • 1.00kg
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  • 11.00cm x 62.00cm x 32.00cm

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