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In this Marvel Selfish Card Game, where you and your fellow villains battle to grab the infinity stones and dominate the universe, power is everything. To reach the stones first, control the realm, and win the game, you must do everything in your ability to protect your power cards. Even your special talents are available, but only once per game. So be wise with your abilities! If you lose your ability to act, you must concede defeat. As you complete various tasks to advance closer to triumph, become the first Villain to defeat The Avengers. Are you strong enough to defeat the Super Heroes? Only the most self-centred Villain will triumph, and only the most cunning will endure! Now is the time to search the galaxy! A hand of cards featuring Power and Action cards is dealt to each Villain. Utilise your cards to influence other players during your turn as you advance toward the Infinity Stones. This is how the game goes on until one of the villains gets to the Infinity Stones. You win the game if you get there first!
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  • 16.00cm x 5.00cm x 21.00cm
  • 0810073341814

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