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The Hot Wheels STEAM Balance Shift Playset merges exhilarating competition with hands-on learning, offering a thrilling exploration of equilibrium principles.

With its slam launcher, kids can propel Hot Wheels vehicles over a seesaw obstacle, mastering concepts of force, velocity, and balance through exciting gameplay. The set's inclusion of two launchers allows for head-to-head challenges, doubling the fun and fostering friendly competition.

Practicality is prioritized, with designated slots for easy storage of cars, track pieces, and launchers, promoting organization and convenience. Vibrant colors and captivating decorations enhance the visual appeal, creating an engaging play experience.

Through the excitement of racing, children gain a deeper understanding of scientific concepts, making learning both immersive and enjoyable. The Hot Wheels STEAM Balance Shift Playset offers hours of entertainment while equipping young minds with valuable knowledge of balance and gravity in action.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

  • 1.65kg
Carton Dimensions:
  • 46.00cm x 8.00cm x 31.00cm

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