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The Ron Weasley Spellbinding Wand is a must-have addition to any Harry Potter fan's collection! This 12-inch Ron Weasley imitation wand is authentically crafted with intricated detailing and has a weighted base that makes it easy to handle. It's the ideal companion for your travels in the Wizarding World! Pretend to cast charms from the Wizarding World and gather the wands of your favourite characters (each sold separately)! To learn the Alohomora spell, practise wand movements on the card! Wingardium Leviosa, Incendio, and other iconic spells are featured on each Spellbinding Wand card. These Harry Potter accessories are wonderful birthday, holiday, or Christmas presents for children especially those aged 6 years and above. With the Spellbinding Wands (each sold individually), you can learn your favourite Wizarding World spells! With Harry Potter dolls, wands, toy figures, and playsets, you can explore the Wizarding World! Children's Harry Potter toys are ideal presents! The Spin Master Care Commitment covers 1 Wand and 1 Spell Card.
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