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Relive your favourite How To Train Your Dragon moments with these dragon figures. Each package contains one minifigure of a dragon in the movie, and there are five dragons to collect. First is Light Fury. This feminine version of toothless has a beautiful white body and a pair of light blue eyes. You guessed it right. You can also get a Toothless figure. This loyal dragon's body is covered in jet-black scales that match its wings, feet, and tail. Would be cool if you got both Light Fury and Toothless, right? The third dragon in this collection is Hookfang, who is a Monstrous Nightmare. Its body is covered in orange scales and dark spots, and it has a pair of black horns. The next dragon is Stormfly, Astrid's loyal companion, and its body is a combination of blue, gold, and red. Spikes surround the top of Stormfly's head. The last dragon is the very sweet Meatlug, and its chubby body is covered with bumps of different sizes. This collection is recommended for kids aged 4+.
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