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Disney Princess Nail Polish 18 Pack New is a lovely nail polish set by Disney Princess. The box contains a set of 18 colourful nail polish inspired by many Disney princesses. The nail paints feature many beautiful colours, such as sky blue, yellow, red, green, silvery blue, orange, pink, and a lot more. The coloured nail polish bottle caps feature the pictures of Disney story princesses like Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, and others. The nail polish application has been made easy and safe for kids, as it is non-toxic, scented, and water-based; the polish dries up very quickly so that kids can start playing just after applying it. The paints are easy to remove, too, only by peeling off the coating. Kids can paint their nails and get ready to go for a Disney Game. The nail-polish set is recommended for children above the age of three.
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  • 4.00cm x 29.00cm x 29.00cm
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