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Use the Discovery Youngsters RC King Snake to amuse the kids. Both boys and girls will love how realistically it slithers around the house! Use the realistic appearance and lifelike motions of the remote-control snake to frighten unwary victims! When you turn on the RC King Snake, its beady eyes glow red in the dark! Utilise your eyes at night to pursue any potential prey that may be hiding near your home. Use the egg-shaped remote to control the hissing noise that the snake emits. Before you attack, let out a loud hiss to alert any nearby predators that this is your territory. A birthday is approaching. The Discovery Kids RC King Snake is sure to be a big hit! Because young children are at the crossroads of inspiration, curiosity, and STEM-based entertainment, our toys help to excite the imagination and promote the development of STEM abilities.
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  • 38.00cm x 10.00cm x 21.00cm
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