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A super cute toy set, the Build A Bot Mini Inchworm Assorted lets kids build their own robot inchworm. After building the inchworm, they can personalize it with various stickers and then turn the switch on to make the inchworm walk, crawl, or wriggle. After the play, the inchworm can be taken apart and reassembled. An exciting hands-on activity, playing with the Build A Bot Mini Inchworm Assorted set creates a real educational experience. One benefit for kids is they will learn about electric power, gears, and robotics. The toy can also give children the confidence to play and build with mechanical parts. Each mini inchworm is available in the colour orange or pink. Aside from the 10+ inchworm pieces, the toy set also includes a sticker sheet, 2 cell batteries, and a learning guide which includes a Build Certificate. It is best played by kids from age 4 to 7 years (assisted) and kids from age 8 to 12 years (unassisted).
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