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Gain points by using a stroke of luck to gather your resources, placing them carefully on your board to draw your castle and its occupants. Use the castle that is indicated on your notepad, or use your creativity to draw, colour, and embellish as you choose! With the addition of guests and their unique abilities, the Great Architect version makes the game more challenging. This delightful roll-and-write game keeps players interested as they plan their resource collection and doodle their illustrious castle one piece at a time. Each player will design their dream castle with majestic towers, elaborate and sturdy walls, and a great cosy tower for passing guests. Build the most prestigious castle in the kingdom using all the resources you can discover there. A roll-and-write activity that tests imagination and planning. Bring out your creative side! When building your fortress, use strategy and dice to obtain resources. Use your artistic talents to draw, colour, and embellish your castle an option.
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