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The Mission Alpha Helicopter is manufactured by SpinMaster and is recommended for children over 8 years old. It does not require any assembly to begin playing with it. You will need a total of 6 AA batteries which are not included in the box. The helicopter, designed with gyro-stabilization technology and dual propellers, this Mission Alpha helicopter is built for durability, and it can be handled by beginners with relative ease. The helicopter is white and red in colour, and it comes with 3 drop off points, a basket for carrying loads, a crate, a case, a barrel and a wrecking ball. It also includes a landing pad and a controller. You will find the instructions guide included in the box to help children get an idea of how to go about using the helicopter and all its accessories to create new missions. To use the helicopter, you must insert new batteries in the helicopter and the controller. Place the accessories according to your imagination, and start your mission.
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