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You kids will have so much fun while they learn to read and enhance their phonics skills with ABC Reading Eggs. There are 270 pages in this book, and the content has been divided into 60 lessons. The lessons have been segregated into 6 sections, and every section has 10 lessons plans with Quiz and Fun Spot. There is a Certificate of Completion at the end of every section (after 10 lessons) to boost the children’s confidence for completing the book. The lessons in this book resume teaching from where the first book ends at lesson 60 (ABC Reading Eggs Reading Skills For Kindergarten – available for purchase separately). The lessons include – reading words that belong to different word families (up, ut, ug, un, ed, eg, et, ole, ake, ie, sh, th, ch, aa, igh, or, ea, igh, and more), vowels, blends, syllables, short and long words and more. The lessons have been created in a fun way, so kids learn easily. A special Year-End certificate is included when children complete this reading course after a year. ABC Reading Eggs Reading Skills For Year 1 children is perfect for those who have completed the previous level of this book (ABC Reading Eggs Reading Skills For Kindergarten).
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