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Learn with ABC Reading Eggs to read by including several tasks and interactive activities. There are 80 pages in this book that covers 10 chapters which include several interesting reading materials that have been taken from articles, magazines, and story books - such as Cat and Fish, Meg’s Birthday, Me, Fluff the Duck, My Five Senses, Dogs and Cats, The Big Queen and others. A list of comprehension activities is also mentioned in the beginning of the book, which will help in improving the reading abilities of the children. Spending about 15 minutes everyday with this interesting book helps the children grasp the contents of the book with ease. A certificate of completion for the children is also included at the end. It is an easy-to-follow book that is also extremely interesting. It allows the kids to explore their reading abilities as they can learn new sentences, new words, and interesting stories. ABC Reading Eggs My First Comprehension is recommended for children between the age of 5 and 7.
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