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This is a pack of 10 readers, a parent guide, and 5 weeks of a free trial subscription to the reading eggs website where the child can learn to read. Follow the instruction mentioned in the kit to register your child, and then the kids will have to complete one lesson at a time to move ahead to the next one. On completing a lesson, the child will read an online book. The same matching book can be read available from the Book Pack. Children earn Reading Eggs critter that allows you to track their learning progress by adding a sticker to the map poster included in this pack. They can include a star, the book they read, and their brand-new Reading Eggs critter sticker. Every lesson in this kit focuses on developing the child's reading ability. Everything is taken care of in this kit from phonetics to frequency of sound in words and from letter sounds to reading connected text. Every lesson has an online book and a real physical book available in the book pack. The online lessons include lots of fun animations that make learning more interesting. ABC Reading Eggs Level 1 Starting Out Activity Book 1 is recommended for children between 4 and 6.
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