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Perfect for children to help them learn mathematics through many easy activities and fun problems. There are 260 pages in this book that is very easy to follow and solve. Children just need to spend 15 minutes a day with this book, and they can learn their Maths and clear all its concepts in no time. There are more than 200 different types of Maths skills covered in this activity book. Things that are covered in this book include – Numbers till 1000 , Operations, Patterns , Fractions , Geometry , Addition , Subtraction , Time, Full Colour Pages , Measurement , Chance , Data , 10 quizzes with lesson review and reward and 50 lessons with four worksheets each. Also included is a planner for the adults who are teaching the children. Children will also find a certificate at the end when they have completed the book. ABC Mathseeds Year 2 Workbook is recommended for children who are in year two.
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