Letters to Santa at Casey's Toys

Post your letter at Casey's Toys & you'll hear back from Santa within days!

From 21st Nov 2023 to 12th Dec 2023

Download Letter Template Here

Hey Kids!

Have you written to Santa yet?

Here at Casey's Toys we've organised a direct line to Santa this year. So, how does it work? 

1.) Collect your special Santa Letter at any of our stores or 
download here.

2.) Write your message to Santa & don't forget to list the toys you really want for Christmas.

3.) Pop it in our special Christmas post box at any of our stores & you'll hear back from Santa within days via email or post.

Oh ... and don't forget to be good!

P.S. Look out for the FREE $5 Discount Voucher from Santa.

P.P.S. WIN your wishlist for FREE! The best letter will win their entire wishlist for FREE!


The Team at Casey's Toys

A message from Mrs Claus with a bit more detail ...

1.) Santa has to deal with millions of requests, so please ensure an adult's name, child's name, email address and mail address are completed on the letter in clear, easy-to-read writing to ensure a response is sent.

2.) We'll endeavour to send a response within several days, however it may take us up to a week. Please be patient. It's very busy for Santa this time of year. 

3.) If one would like a response via mail, $1 must be paid in store and the letter stamped to verify payment was completed.

4.) Responses via mail will be sent with Australia Post in an envelope addressed to the child's name care of the adult's details written on the letter.

5.) Responses via mail will NOT be sent with registered mail. Once posted we cannot control when it will be delivered. If you have not received a response within 2 weeks please contact us. We'd hate for a child to go without a response from Santa. 

6.) Responses via email will be addressed to the child's name and sent to the email address written on the letter.

7.) Responses via email may be delivered to your Junk Mail. We cannot ensure that this doesn't happen. We therefore suggest you add the email address santa@caseystoys.com.au to your address book to minimise the chance of the email arriving in your Junk Mail.  

8.) A copy of the child's original letter to Santa will be included in both the email and mail response.