How it works?

For every $10 you spend at Casey's Toys, you will receive a $1 Casey's Cash note. Casey's Cash notes can then be collected and used as valid tender at any Casey's Toys store.

Terms & Conditions

1.) Casey's Cash notes cannot be used as tender on the same day they were issued.

2.) Casey's Cash will only be issued until and including the 13th October 2018. Casey's Cash can only be used as valid tender until and including the 14th October 2018. Thereafter Casey's Cash will no longer be issued nor accepted as valid tender for payments.

3.) Casey's Cash notes will not be accepted for payments unless validated with a date stamp from the issuing store.

4.) The quantity of Casey's Cash notes issued will be calculated on the actual funds transferred (cash, EFTPOS, credit card, cheque or zippay), rounded down to the closest ten dollars (eg. a $25 purchase will receive two $1 Casey's Cash notes).

5.) Casey's Cash cannot be used for any layby payments, including the initial deposit, subsequent installment payments and final payment.

6.) Casey's Cash cannot be exchanged for cash, gift vouchers or credits.

7.) Casey's Toys is not reponsible for Casey's Cash notes that are lost, damaged or misplaced & cannot replace them in such a scenario.

8.) Casey's Cash is not official currency or tender & is only a promotional tool in association with the 2018 "Casey's Cash" marketing campaign.