If you are struggling to figure out what present to buy your child this year, why not buy them something they are pretty much guaranteed to love: Beanie Boos. These adorable yet very affordable plushies were released in 2009 and have gained a spot in kid's hearts resulting them in becoming the latest fad. Beanie Boos typically are small very fluffy  plushies with adorably large eyes. With over 100 to collect there will always be a new Boo perfect for a gift. Much of the range can be found at Casey's Toys so pop on in and leave with your child's new favourite stuffed animal, weather it is an ordinary dog or wolf or a mythical dragon.

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Since there is such a large variety to choose from, making that first choice can be daunting. We are happy to introduce a buying guide to help ease the process. The first step is to decide on what animal a kid wants. A great idea is to start with their favourite as there is a good chance a Beanie Boo version of it already exists. Different categories include the jungle, underwater, dinosaurs, insects, pets and even fantasy themes animals like dragons, goblins and skeletons.

From there the next step is to determine the right size. Beanie Boos come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small ones are an ideal bag accessory and will add that personal flair to any school bag. The medium ones are around 6 inches tall, a perfect travel companion yet still the right size for a snuggle. Finally, the larger Boos come in at around 13 inches and some are even bigger than that.

Next the plush type is to be considered. Beanie Boos are available in a plethora of different plush types, usually dependant on the type of creature. The default version is short hair plush while others may have a longer fluffier haired fuzz. Then there are those Boos with an iridescent sheen which is usually reserved for dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

And finally, a cool feature is the unique hang tag for each Boo. Here you will find their name, birthday and a short poem. This is cool as you can pick a Boo whose birthday is the same month or even day as your kids.

If you are still struggling to get started, we at Casey's toys have some amazing recommendations. First on the shortlist is ICY and adorable white seal. Not only does he help raise awareness for the dangers facing our ocean, but he is also well known for his supreme softness. Furthermore, his lay flat design is perfect for those kids who love to snuggle with their Beanie Boo. From there we move onto Slush Dog. This Boo is renowned for being extra soft and silky with an adorable set of eyes. Any kids will fall in love with this pup at first sight. Next on the list is Fantasia the Colourful Unicorn. This Boos is slightly larger then other within the same size category which makes it ideal for kids who want a bigger boo without breaking the bank. Furthermore, this Boo remains compact enough for easy travel and storage. Kids will also fall in love with the sparkle design on its hooves, eyes and horn. Last on the list is Cinder the green dragon. This dragon has a fun design colourful body, shiny wings and sparkling purple eyes. He is ideal for kids and fun loving adults alike. Naturally all these can be found at Casey's Toys.

Now that you know what you are doing let us turn to what makes these toys so great. Firstly, they are great for kids burgeoning imagination. Watch them use these toys and create whole world. Each will be given their own voice and skill set. Each day will see them in a brand-new situation to play out. Furthermore, because they are quite delicate it is a great way for kids to learn how to be delicate and take care of things without breaking or ruining them. Being gentle with toys also helps to teach empathy.

Collecting Beanie Boos can also turn into a child's hobby. This is beneficial for both the kid and the parents. For the kid having a hobby will help them improve organisational skills as they find the best way to arrange and display their boos. It also teaches them to set achievable goals as a special boo can be used as a reward for outstanding achievements either by helping at home or on the school report card.