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Wahu Pool Party Grip Ball is a fascinating gaming item by the brand Wahu. This grip ball item is one of Wahu's most popular toys, and the toy kit offers two velcro mitts and a grip ball. The ball is only .25 kg in weight, so it's not heavy, and children can easily throw and catch it. The item comes in various colour options. The ball is made from flexible and durable neoprene. It is waterproof and specially made to play in the water, be it a pool, beach, or water park, basically wherever there's water! This ball is also great for adults who want to have some fun activity on the beach. You can carry the grip ball set effortlessly in tiny size bags, and kids can have a great time playing with the fun ball. This toy item is recommended for children of the age of six and above.
  • 0.25kg
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  • 22.00cm x 8.00cm x 35.00cm
  • 9320832010550

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