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It's now possible to develop your programming skills while having fun, thanks to this cool game. This 1-player game is recommended for young programmers aged 8+ who want to learn an important skill required in programming-logic. There are 10 maps with different levels and a total of 60 levels starting from beginner to expert. The objective is for your avatar to execute your program, collect crystals along the way, and successfully arrive at the portal. There is a guide scroll for each level where you will plan and program the route of the avatar's movement by placing coloured action tokens on blank round spaces. Blue action token directs the avatar to take the blue path. The same goes for the red and yellow action tokens. Remember to plan the movements carefully and put the tokens in the right places. Your avatar is required to accomplish two things: collect all crystals and reach the portal. If you fail to do one of these, no worries, just try again until it works. After all, that's how real programs are done. Isn't that fun? You get to be a programmer while playing at the same time. Challenge yourself and solve one level every day. By the time you reach the expert level, you already know the skills and principles needed to be a computer programmer.
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