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Young children need plenty of intellectual stimulation to help in their growth and development. Role-play, scene enactment drawing inspiration from everyday life and pretend-play are all great methods for learning. The Sylvanian Families Baby Castle Playground is a toy playset designed to stimulate positive play-acting among children. This item features a castle theme, and the toy is fashioned like a children's play area. When unboxed, it is a fully assembled product. The set features all the bells and whistles to replicate the real thing-8 pieces in all, and these include the tower, the castle, a flag, the playground, a spinning plate, a sandbox, a ladder, slide and also a Chocolate Baby Rabbit figure. The colour scheme is ideally suited for tiny tots, with soft, soothing pastel shades and a warm ambience. The playset is great for individual or group play sessions for children above the age of 3.
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  • 5054131053195

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