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Be the master of Knights of Ren and hold this cross-guard Lightsaber in your hands. If your children are a fan of Star Wars, then this would be the perfect surprise gift for them. With this, they will enjoy role-playing and driving their spaceships deep into the adventurous world of Star Wars. They will have hours of playtime and fun with their friends with this toy. They can go on imaginary missions and escapades with these sabers. Kylo Ren was the supreme leader of the First Order in the futuristic series. His temper is as red fiery as his custom wielded lightsaber. In a light flick of your wrist, you can activate the extendible lightsaber and get ready for a duel in no time! Pair these up with outfits and your young ones will be ready for a costume party. The product is very detailed and resembles the real saber. It will keep the kids engaged for hours! Get these for them today and watch them play.
  • Star Wars
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