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Children get to recreate scenes from their favourite superhero and supervillain movies, books, or series. This is a 17-piece interesting kit that comes with both superheroes and villains. This kit contains 7 action figures with 10 accessories for them. The action figures include of Night Ninja, Catboy, Romeo, PJ Robot, Owlette, Luna Girl, and Gekko. There are cool accessories to load up the superheroes and villains, such as Luna Board for the Luna Girl, Stripes for Catboy, Feathers for Owlette, and more. Every action figure has been made realistically, and the kids will love to have imaginative playtime, alone or along with their friends. These are small mini figures and don’t require any batteries to work. They are made from good quality durable plastic that is safe for children to play with. This exciting toy kit is a beautiful gift for children to give on their birthdays or other occasions. PJ Masks Hero Versus Villain Figure Multi Pack is recommended for children of 3 years and above.
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