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Among the horror genre, zombies deserve a special mention. Popularly called "the undead", these creatures make one's skin crawl with their lack of feeling and emotion. As they advance, in single file, with the sole purpose of capturing and or killing humans, the heroic adventurer thinks up a strategy to save the world! With the Nerf ZombieStrike Outbreaker Bow, your child could be that hero! This neat new piece of weaponry will enable your child to go into battle at full throttle against the zombies! The set contains a stylish crossbow that simulates the action of the real thing. It comes armed with a rotating drum that can house 5 Zombie Strike darts. The crossbow is capable of firing one dart at a time with precision and accuracy. With the crossbow in hand, watch your hero march through the imaginary halls of a zombie-infested hall, throwing caution to the winds as they face the zombies without fear! This playset is suitable for children above 8. Keep away from children below 3.
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