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Get ready for a grand battle against the zombies! The Nerf Zombie Strike Quadrot is prepared to be used to strike the enemies. Kids will enjoy this toy set which includes a green blaster and 4 darts. This zombie striker allows kids to blast 4 darts in a row. Just load 1 dart into the 4 barrels. Afterwards, pull the plunger into prime, then pull the trigger to fire a dart. Prime and fire once again to blast the next dart. This zombie blaster set makes a great gift to kids of recommended ages 8 years and up and has a firing range distance of 9.14 metres. The assembled product measures 5.08 cm in length x 24.13 cm in width x 22.23 cm in height. Aside from the play fun, a benefit of playing with this toy blaster is the opportunity to teach kids about gun safety and giving them an idea of what to do if they ever come across a gun in the future. This toy does not require batteries.
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