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This Nitro Throttle Shot Blitz Starter Pack by Nerf is a toy set which combines the fun of Nerf blasters with the excitement of stunt cars. The set includes a Nitro Throttle Blaster, a foam car and two obstacles. To play with the set, kids can set up the blaster in an area where no animals or humans are in the path of the cars. Pull back the blasting mechanism. Then place the car in the mouth of the blaster. Use the toy obstacles which come with the set to create the barriers in the path of the car. Press the trigger on the top to release the car, which will crash through the obstacles. The blaster and the obstacles are made of plastic, but the car is made of foam. The box will include instructions on how to play with this Nerf toy set. It is recommended for children over 5 years of age. The toy comes in different colours. Anyone of them will be sent randomly to you when you place the order. It measures approximately 20cm x 23cm.
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