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The Nitro Long Shot Smash Deluxe Set by Nerf combines the blaster action with some car adventure. The playset includes as a blaster, two foam cars with plastic wheels, a long-jump ramp made of plastic, and 4 obstacles. You will also find instructions in the box to help you get started with the playset. To start the excitement, set up the blaster on a stable surface and place the ramp a couple of feet away from the blaster opening. Place the obstacles anywhere between these two. Pull the crank on the blaster and push the car up from the blaster opening. Once the car is in place, pull the trigger to make the car go zooming out of the blaster into the ramp or crashing into the obstacles. Kids may take some time to figure out the best distance that works for them between the car and the ramp, and they can find new ways to blast the car into obstacles. The blaster is approximately 47cm long and recommended for children over 5 years old.
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