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Want a pet dog for your child minus the messy cleaning up and feeding that comes with the real one? Try furReal's Chatty Charlie, the Barkin" Beagle that will make an adorable pet friend for your kid. Unlike soft toys that can just be collected and cuddled, this little pup can even bark and talk! With 80+ barks to phrases, he definitely has a lot to say! Charlie features a glowing collar that translates his barks into phrases so you can understand what he is saying. His barks can mean anything from a friendly greeting ("Hello!") to a little bit of attitude ("Are you talking to me?"). He responds to sounds, touch, loves to be cuddled and even moves his ears over his eyes when talking or trying to hide after making those hilarious noises! The surprising and engaging play that this toy offers can help create fun childhood memories and it would make a lovely Christmas present for a child aged 4+.