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Become the greatest Football player with Foot Bubbles Starter Kit. Practice basic to advanced tricks using this set. The package contains Messi socks, bubble blower, a bottle of bubble solution, and solution tray. Everything you need to be a better player included. You don't even have to wear shoes to practice your moves. So put on the Messi socks and get ready to have some fun. Blow some bubbles and enhance your footwork by bouncing the bubble on your feet without dropping it on the ground. The bubble solution, specially formulated to withstand bouncing using your Messi socks. This set is perfect whether you want to practice your moves alone or with your friends. You can try doing the Around the World trick while waiting for your friends. When the rest of the team arrives, practice juggling the ball and passing it around using only your feet. Foot Bubbles Starter Kit is recommended for boys and girls aged 3+. Time to practice your skills and become the next Leo Messi. 
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