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Do you love watching the stars? If you answered yes, then this star projector is perfect for you. Put this in your room and watch what happens. Turn off the lights in your room. The darker, the better. Now, turn on the Fairy Stars Star Projector. Be amazed as hundreds of stars illuminate your room. There's a beautiful surprise waiting for you to discover in the form of a group of stars shaped like a heart. There are two colours of light: red and white. You can use one of the two colours or both at the same time. You will have a fantastic night looking at different clusters of stars on your wall or ceiling. Please invite your friends for a galaxy-themed sleepover party and share this beautiful view with them. You can all lie down on the floor and fall asleep while looking at the stars. Fairy Stars Star Projector requires 3 AA batteries to operate (not included). This is recommended for kids aged 3+.
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