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Do you like Despicable Me? Of course not, you love it! And so do we! With this Deluxe Edition Action Figure, the fun will never stop! What’s included in the package: Despicable Me Gru Action Figure (Approximately 7.5 inches tall); Gru’s Freeze Ray Blaster; 2 Reloadable Ice Rockets. Load an Ice Rocket into the Freeze Ray Blaster and shoot with the press of a button to freeze your enemies one at a time! Another thing your little one will absolutely love is that they will be able to freely move Gru’s legs and arms which increases fun levels by more than 200% (scientifically proven!). Why you should get the Despicable Me Deluxe Edition Action Figure: Move Gru’s limbs freely and aim accurately at your enemies; Your kids will have lots of fun, and you will have more time for yourself. Suitable for kids over 3 years of age. The toy does not require any batteries.
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