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Build the truck, then enjoy the sounds it produces! Nee-Naahh, "Honk, Honk," "Ding Dong," and the bus's "Beep, Beep" and "Ding Dong" sound. The Fire Engine's "Nee-Naahh!" and the Ice Cream truck's rendition of "Pop the Weasel" are both played. The songs for each finished vehicle may be heard by moving it along: "Wheels on the Bus" for the school bus and "Car Colour Song" for the fire engine and ice cream van, which names the colour of each vehicle! Using the provided brush, spray water on the windows of the cars to make the occupants and drivers visible (repeatable time after time). Even better, let your youngster mix the cars up to hear what unique noises they create when put together! Officially licenced products from the wildly popular educational pre-school learning toy business Cocomelon, which features JJ, his family, and friends and has amassed over 100 million YouTube subscribers. It is endorsed by Dr Amanda Gummer, a specialist in child development and education. Promotes hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, and colour awareness. Uses three AA batteries, which are sold separately.
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