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The CFK Fairy Crowns is a great and fun way for early learners to get creative and develop essential skills in life. This fairy crown kit comes complete with everything you may need to decorate 2 fairy crowns. All the materials used in the manufacturing of this item are of the highest quality and quality assurance tested at every stage. So with this item, design and create your fashionable fairy crowns. Let your imagination run wild and use all your creativity to inspire the best, most beautiful crowns. These Fairy Crown decorating kits are part of CFK’s extensive collection of creativity kits for kids. These kits provide a fun and engaging way to impart an understanding of essential life skills in young learners. The recommended age for this product is 5 and above. No batteries are required. Parental or guardian supervision is advised, but not mandatory.
  • Creativity For Kids
  • 0.10kg
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  • 12.00cm x 2.00cm x 24.00cm