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It's fun to play video games but it's even more fun and exciting to build your very own! Bloxels has a mix of physical and digital tools making it both a hands-on and on-screen experience for kids.
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There is no need to learn difficult codes or go through a complex computer program; all you need is Bloxels, a mobile device and lots of imagination to create your very own video game with many possibilities! The 13" x 13" Bloxel gameboard with hundreds of blocks in different colours is a tangible tool where kids can build a game using their imagination. Use the free Bloxels Builder app (not included) to capture the gameboard, then edit game layouts, art, and animate the characters to make the game playable. It also makes kids use their brain to experiment with layouts, levels or challenges and also involves people around - like friends, family members or teachers making it a great game to play together as a team.

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