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Baby Born Dolls are loved worldwide for their lifelike features and actions including their ability to eat and drink just like a real baby making the Baby Born Food 12 sachets - the perfect accessory for your little one's Baby Born doll! This pack of food sachets is designed to simulate the feeding experience for children and make their playtime more realistic and fun.

The sachets are made of high-quality and non toxic materials, that are designed to mimic real baby food. Each sachet contains a different type of food, including different types of fruits, vegetables, and porridge. The sachets are easy to use, simply tear open the sachet and pour the food into the Baby Born doll's feeding bottle, or spoon.

Playing with the food sachets allows children to express their creativity and develop their nurturing skills. As they feed their dolls, children learn how to take care of them and develop their social and emotional skills.

The Baby Born Food 12 sachets are a must-have accessory for your Baby Born. This pack of food sachets is sure to provide hours of imaginative play and creativity. It's a great way to encourage children to take care of their dolls and develop their nurturing and social skills. 

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