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It is common knowledge that an alkaline battery has superior performance and is longer lasting than standard batteries. This is because alkaline batteries are specifically designed to have a higher energy density than a normal battery and use potassium hydroxide for electrolytes compared to the use of ammonium chloride on normal batteries or zinc batteries. This is why an alkaline battery has a lower power drain rate and can last longer than an ordinary battery. This Fujitsu battery is a high-quality power source as Fujitsu’s cutting-edge technology prevents dangerous battery leakage, and you can use this battery with ease of mind on safety. The Anti-Leak Protection technology from Fujitsu prevents damage to your appliance when other normal batteries would produce liquid from the chemical reaction from the battery discharging its power during usage and gas interacts with the contents of the battery. Make this Fujitsu Alkaline battery your choice for your devices. Sold in packs of 2.
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  • 8.00cm x 12.00cm x 4.00cm

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